New Zealand

Bungy Jumping

This is my first jump fro the Kawarau Suspension Bridge.

This bridge was built in 1880 and it is 143 feet (43 m) high. It´s located 23 km away from Queenstown NZ.

I did my first two jumps on December 10th 1996.

For 129 NZ$ (150 DM), you get two jumps. Included is a Video and 4 photos from your jumps.

fresh and happy After the bungy has stopped your fall, it goes up and down like a JoJo a few times.

The rope was a little too long, but fortunately there's water below and so I just got a little wet instead of permanently damaged.

Then a yellow rubber dinghy comes around (a popular summer vacation job) and lets you off the hook. You get a lift to the shore but you have to overcome 143 feet (43 m) difference in altitude by foot. This helps in getting rid of all the adrenaline you may have accumulated during the jump!

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