From Johannesburg to Kruger National Park

In September 1997 I travelled through South Africa for 3 weeks with my friend Jörg. The text on these pages was done by me while the pictures where taken by Jörg. At this point, many thanks to you, dear Jörg, for supplying them!

We reached Johannesburg by plane via London. The first stage of our trip led us to Sabi by crossing the 2150 m high Long Tom Pass. There, we got some medication for malaria prevention as this is much cheaper there then it would have been in Germany. We spent the night at Sabie and continued the next day, visiting the landmarks that are shown below. One more night  and we arrived at Kruger National Park's Paul Kruger Gate after a total of 2 days travel. Our base camp for exploring Kruger Park was set up at the Karos Lodge.The hotel offers a big buffet  in the evening which gives you the chance to taste a lot of wild animals you have spotted in wildlife during the day.

Mac Mac waterfalls Brouke´s Luck Potholes At the Brouke´s Luck Potholes, Blyde River Canyon begins. 

The Mac Mac waterfalls' height is 56 meters.

The Pinacle

The Pinacle

The Pinacle is a free standing column of granite

The Three Rondevals

A spectacular formation of rocks in up to 800 meters deep Blyde River Canyon

The Three Rondavels

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