Cape Town and its surroundings

From Witsand we drove to Cape Town, supposedly South Africa's best known city. (South Africa's capital is Pretoria. The parliament resides at Pretoria for half of the year and at Cape Town for the other half.)
West from Hermanus, following the coastal road, one reaches a junction leading to Stony Point, where one can watch a colony of penguins.

Jackass Penguins at Stony Point, Betty's Bay

The Jackass Penguin Spheniscus Demersus (also Africa Penguins on Blackfooted Penguin) are the only penguin found in South Africa. They stand 60 cm tall, their weight varies through the year from 4 to 8 kg, and they can reach a age up to 18 years. They are good swimmers, (up to 20 km/h) and they can dive up to 35 m deep, and 2 minutes long. They mate for life, and lay two eggs a year. Incubating takes about 36 days shared equally beetween both parents. They are shy, live in small colonies, and eat shrimps, squid and fish.

Jackass Penguins at Stony Point
Cape of good hope

34° 21' 25'' Southern latitude

18° 28' 16'' Eastern longitude

At Cape of Good Hope, in the equally named national park (5 Rand admission), one should be warned about the vagabonding monkeys, the so-called baboons. Those curious creatures love to rummage through open cars or rob handbags to search through them, looking for anything edible.

Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope
Cute animals

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