In den Andes nearby Merida

From Isla de Margarita I took the plane to Merida which cost an amount corresponding to 231,71 german Marks. Merida is situated amidst the Andes on a  plateau which is 15 km long and 2,5 km wide. The touchdown on the pretty short  runway, which is surrounded by mountains, is a really interesting experience! There are two other places which are record candidates: First, the ice cream parlor with about 700 flavors of ice cream. The owner of the Heladeria Coromoto,  Juan da Corto, is rightfully proud of his ice cream, which is made from original ingredients! Unfortunately, the parlor was in the process of being renovated and so I missed the enjoyment of exotic flavours such as garlic, shrimp or steak ice cream.

Laguna Negra

Cable railway Teleferico

Second, there's the cable railway Teleferico. This 12.5 km long cable railway, which covers 3 stages and was build by the french in 1958, leads up to a height of  4765 m, covering a difference in altitude of  3000 m in the process. Unfortunately, it is out of service. After the passenger cabin was caught by a gust of wind while entering the top station and crashed against the wall, killing some passengers, the cable railway was shut down.

Laguna Negra

Lake in the mountains close to Merida at a height of  4000 m. The air is comfortably cool and already quite thin, which forces you to walk slowly and therefore enables you to take a close look at the landscape.

Here in the Andes at Merida I ate my best Lomito del reh, visited a salt-works, ate strawberries with cream (which almost made me lose my mind) and completely drank and ate a coconut.

View into the valley

View back into the valley leading to Laguna Negra
Laguna Negra

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