National Park Canaima

With an old and venerable DC-3, into whose emercency exit the water poured in when it rained and whose every seat was patterened differently, I continued to a camp at the Canaima National Park where I would stay for a week.  There are countless Table Mountains there, the so-called Tepuys. After a ride in a motor boat and an exhausting trip by foot through the wilderness I got a unique view at the Salto Angel, which falls down 1000 m (this is a world record) from Auyan-Tepuy. This highest waterfall of the world  was named after its discoverer Jimmy Angel.

Boat trip Salto Angel

After an exhausting march we are rewarded with this overwhelming view. Back at the boat, our guides in the mean time  have prepared a delicious meal, which tastes great after the preceding efforts and all the fresh air.

Cooking at the camp

Salto Angel

Canaima Nationalpark

With the boat, we're on our way back. In the twilight of dusk, I look back for the very last time. The last look back

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